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3 Tips for Recovering from Negative Habits Caused by Addiction

Overcoming an addiction is an emotional and physically exhausting process. It’s not the time to take on all your other bad habits, as well, such as smoking cigarettes or drinking too much caffeine. Yet once you have gone through recovery and are feeling like you are in a better place, you should look to conquering these bad habits, as well. They aren’t healthy for you, and they are compromising the quality of your life.

In some cases, you may have even developed bad habits because of your addiction. Maybe you started smoking cigarettes to help you get over smoking other drugs. Now that you are on the road to a clean and healthy life, you should try to kick these bad habits, as well. However, you should focus on them one at a time. Trying to take on too much can set you up for failure, and that can send you back to drugs or alcohol.

Here are three tips that can help you recover from some of the negative habits you still have:

Go Slowly

Some people try to quit their bad habits cold turkey. But this is a big mistake. Going cold turkey means that you are giving up the habit and expect to never do it again. It creates an expectation of perfectionism. Yet most people will relapse multiple times before they are able to overcome a bad habit completely. You need to have a more realistic expectation and a plan for dealing with setbacks so that you don’t completely undermine your progress.

To quit a habit, you should take a gradual approach. Start with a base line to know how to taper. For example, determine how many cigarettes you smoke each day, how many cups of coffee you drink each day, or how often you exercise currently. Then make a goal. Maybe you cut back just one cigarette or one cup of coffee a day each week. Or maybe you start adding one day of exercise a week each month. Build on your healthy habits and celebrate your successes as you get closer to your goals.

Learn Your Triggers

Most of us associate certain habits with certain feelings or activities. For example, maybe you smoke every time you meet friends at a bar. Or maybe you drink soda every time you go out to eat. Or maybe you plop down on the couch at the end of a long day instead of going for a walk or a run. It can be harder to overcome a bad habit if you don’t understand the associations or triggers you have with it.

By understanding your triggers, you can better fight the impulses you feel to engage in unhealthy activities. You can develop other ways for working through those feelings, or you can substitute healthy activities to develop new associations.

Replace with Healthier Routines

You may still need an outlet for that emotion you feel when you are engaging in unhealthy habits. You can slowly working on replacing unhealthy habits with healthier routines. For example, maybe you get in the habit of ordering water when you go out to eat instead of soda. Or maybe you go for a run instead of lighting up a cigarette.

By replacing your unhealthy behaviors with healthy routines, you find ways to still soothe those impulses, plus you make your life healthier overall.

Recovery from addiction helps you to reevaluate your life and root out the unhealthy influences in it. Now is the perfect time to start conquering those unhealthy habits you may still have. Follow these tips, and get the support of friends and family to help you eliminate unhealthy habits. You may even seek the advice of a therapist or undergo cognitive behavioral therapy if you find the unhealthy habit an especially hard one to conquer.

At Corebella Health and Wellness, we help people reach optimal wellness in their lives, including overcoming addiction and other unhealthy behaviors. Our services include group counseling, pain management, weight loss assistance, and hormone testing among other treatments to help you live a healthier life. Contact us in Arizona to learn more about our services or to talk with a wellness counselor.


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