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How to Help Your Loved One Struggling with Alcohol Abuse
April 30, 2020
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3 Ways Quitting Alcohol Can Benefit Your Physical Appearance

3 Ways Quitting Alcohol Can Benefit Your Physical Appearance

Many people drink socially, meaning that they might have a glass of wine when they go to dinner or they might meet up with friends occasionally for drinks. Such drinking usually isn’t harmful. However, some people drink more regularly. They might go out every weekend and drink until blacking out, or they might drink a little every day. When that drinking negatively affects their health, their relationships, their work, or some other aspect of their lives, there’s a problem.

If you find that your drinking has become a problem, it’s important that you seek addiction treatment in Gilbert so that you can start creating a healthier and happier life. Quitting drinking can improve your life dramatically. It can even benefit your physical appearance. Here’s how:

3 Ways Quitting Alcohol Can Benefit Your Physical Appearance

You’ll Lose Weight

Alcohol is loaded with calories. The alcohol itself is high in calories, as are the juices and mixers that are put into the drink. One drink could easily have a couple hundred calories. On a good night of drinking, you could take in half your calories for the day – or more.

Cutting out drinking means cutting out a lot of extra calories. If you are the kind of person who drinks three or four beers or glasses of wine every night, cutting that out means losing a couple of pounds a week. If you were a heavier drinker, you could lose even more. Cutting out alcohol will make you trimmer and look more healthy.

Your Hair Will Grow More Quickly

Alcohol causes a lot of unhealthy changes in your body. In particular, it raises estrogen levels in women, reduces the zinc levels, and makes you dehydrated – all of which makes it harder for your hair to grow. Depending on the severity of your drinking, your hair may even start falling out. Add stress or lack of sleep to your drinking and your hair problems will be worse.

Once you quit drinking, you’ll notice that your hair starts growing more quickly. That means that your hair will be thicker and it will get longer faster. Drinking also makes your hair dull, so cutting it out will help you achieve shiny, lush looking hair.

Your Skin Will Look Better

All the things that alcohol does to your body that make it harder for your hair to grow also make your skin look worse. When you are drinking heavily, your skin is going to look pale, dull, and tired. As your drinking continues, your capillaries may break, which can leave your skin splotchy. Your skin may also become puffy. You will look older, more tired, and less healthy. In some cases, drinking can even lead to skin cancer.

After you stop drinking, you can expect to see a slow reversal of those signs. Your skin will become more firm, and your complexion will even out. Eventually, you’ll see a healthy glow return to your skin, as you radiate health from the inside out. The more healthy choices you make – such as improving your diet, getting more exercise, and sticking to a consistent sleep schedule – the better your skin will look.

When you are thinking about the toll that drinking has taken on your life, your appearance may be low on your list of what’s important. You may even think it shallow to think about how quitting alcohol will improve your appearance. But you must remember that your appearance is a reflection of what’s happening in your body. The better your appearance, the better your health is likely to be. Glowing skin and healthy hair and weight are good signs that your body is recovering from your alcohol addiction and is becoming healthier.

If you are ready to take your life back from alcohol, contact Corebella Health and Wellness today. We are a complete wellness clinic, and we offer addiction treatment and counseling for people struggling with all types of addiction, including alcohol. We offer detox treatment, individual and group counseling, and other therapies. In addition, we offer therapies for promoting a healthier lifestyle, such as nutrition counseling, massage, and hormone therapy. We offer treatment in Tempe, Glendale, and Scottsdale. Call us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a tour of our facility.

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