Providing a Support System for Loved Ones in Recovery
Providing a Support System for Loved Ones in Recovery
September 16, 2020
Utilizing Telehealth Therapy Sessions through Your Recovery
Utilizing Telehealth Therapy Sessions through Your Recovery
October 6, 2020
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5 Indications that Youre Ready for Rehab

5 Indications that You’re Ready for Rehab

The road to recovery is not always a straight one. Few people just realize one day that they have a problem and then head straight into rehab. For most, the realization is a nagging one that they live with for a long time. They make excuses about why the problem is not as serious as it seems or why the timing isn’t right to do anything about it. 

You have probably gone back and forth in your thoughts about getting Gilbert addiction treatment. But maybe you’ve reached a point that you think you’re really ready to enter an addiction clinic and get the help you need. Here are five signs that you might be ready for rehab: 

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You’re Tired of the Way You Feel

You may feel physically exhausted. Your addiction can have you chasing highs at all hours of the day and night. You may be up all night doing drugs, and struggling through days to come down or even try to hold down a job. Drugs and alcohol also take a hard toll on your body, which can make you feel exhausted, even if you are doing other things to try to care for yourself. And none of that gets at the mental and emotional exhaustion you may feel when you are trying to manage an addiction and all the problems it cause for your life and your relationships.

Most addicts look past that exhaustion because the high makes them feel so good. But if you are getting to the point that you are tired of the way you feel, that’s a good indication that you’re ready to get help and make real change. 

You Want Your Family Back

Your addiction may have seriously hurt your relationship with your family. You may have lied or even stolen from family members because of your addiction. You may have let them down, or you may not have been there when they needed you. Some of them may have kept their distance because they didn’t know how to handle your addiction.

You may have gone a long time without a close relationship with your family – or perhaps without any contact at you. You may have told yourself that you had to live with that situation, but if you’re feeling like you want your family back and want things to be different, it may be the right time for addiction treatment in Gilbert. 

You’ve Hit Rock Bottom

Rock bottom looks different for everyone. But it’s the point that you would say things have gotten as bad as they can for you. Your rock bottom might be situational (something terrible happened) or it might be related to your health (discovering you are seriously sick because of your addiction) or your relationships (someone else is hurt because of you). 

You’ll know rock bottom when you’ve reached it for yourself. That’s the point at which most people are ready to get the help they need for their addiction. 

You’re Ready to Take Responsibility

Many people blame others for their actions. Addicts might blame their parents or their significant others for the fact that they use. They might blame others for giving them the money to fund their addiction, for failing to show them the “tough love” they needed, or for a variety of other things. 

However, unless you are willing to take responsibility for yourself, you are not going to be able to make the changes needed for your recovery. 

You’re Willing to Get Help

Even after you feel like you are ready for Phoenix addiction treatment – that you’ve hit rock bottom and you’re ready to take responsibility for yourself – you still need to be sure that you are ready to get help. Are you ready to listen to the advice that you get? Are you ready to do the things that your addiction counselor tells you that you need to do? 

If you are, then now might be the right time to enter an Phoenix addiction clinic and get the help you need.

Everyone is different. No one can tell you definitely when you are ready to get help for your addiction. But you can look at the signs. Once you go through addiction treatment in Phoenix, know that you might end up here again. Recovery can include a lot of setbacks and re-starts. That’s ok. Just keep pushing through and getting the help you need. 

Corebella Health and Wellness is here to help when you are ready. We offer addiction treatment in Glendale and Tempe, including in-patient and out-patient treatment. We offer addiction therapy and medication treatment through a suboxone doctor. We also offer overall wellness services in our wellness clinic. Contact us today to learn more. 

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