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5 Unexpected Challenges You Should Prepare for in Rehab

Entering a rehabilitation program in Gilbert can help you get on the road to recovery from your drug addiction – hopefully for good. You may feel excited about going to rehab, or you may feel anxious or afraid. You may feel optimistic about what will come of your experience, or you may be moving forward grudgingly.

You may have a lot of thoughts and expectations about what rehab will bring, but you may be surprised at what actually comes of it. Here are five unexpected challenges you should prepare to experience in rehab:

You Will be Uncomfortable

You may be expecting to be physically uncomfortable. The movies are rife with images of the horrors that addicts experience when they go through the initial withdrawal phase. What you may not be expecting is how uncomfortable you will be emotionally.

To start, you will be very uncomfortable because you will have to adjust to a lot of new things. You will be in a new environment, and you will be surrounded by new people. You will have to learn and adapt to new rules, new routines, and new ways of interacting with others. You won’t be able to rely on your old behaviors or relationships, all of which very likely contributed to your addiction.

The Process Will be Difficult

Another reason that you will be emotionally uncomfortable – and the primary thing that makes rehab so difficult – is that you will have to do some hard emotional work to make your recovery a success. You will have to take a hard, honest look at your life, the things you have experienced, the mistakes you have made, and many unpleasant memories. You will need to process emotions you have tried to forget – either coming to terms with things that happened to you or learning to forgive yourself and overcome your guilt for things that you did.

You will have to participate in individual and group therapy in rehab, and you should be prepared to continue that therapy long after you leave. Recovery is a lifelong process, and you need to continue to put in the work if you want to stay sober.

You Will Want to Quit

Many people find the work they do in rehab to be too hard. They become so physically and emotionally uncomfortable that they want to quit. You may have good days where you feel committed to the process and you have enough physical and emotional energy to do the work. But there will likely be many more days when you feel like you can’t do anymore and you want to go back to our old life.

Having a good support system can help you on days where you feel like you want to give up. If you don’t have family and friends who can support you, the therapists and people you meet in rehab can become your support system.

You Will Make Lasting Friendships

You will meet people in rehab who have had very similar experiences to you and who have dealt with them in similar ways. They can understand you in ways that others can’t, and they can provide support in ways that others can’t. You may find that you quickly bond with some of the people you meet in rehab.

Some of the connections you make in rehab may fizzle out once you return home and time and distance separate you. But some of those connections can tun into life-long, important friendships.

You Will Change

You may enter rehab simply looking to break your addiction to drugs. But what you may not realize is how much is wrapped up in your addiction, and how much you will end up changing when you confront your addiction.

The experience will be different for everyone, but you may find that when you leave rehab, you are better able to confront your emotions, have stronger relationships, and have a more positive outlook on life.

Rehab may prove to be a more difficult experience than you expect, but it will be one of the most worthwhile things you will ever do. Do not let fear of change or unexpected challenges deter you from getting the help you need. Talk to friends or family for support or reach out to a Gilbert’s health professional to get the treatment you need.

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