Aftercare Essentials Of Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Why Aftercare Is Critical For An Addiction Recovery

Your initial stay at an addiction clinic is just the beginning of your journey to recovery. You will likely find the initial detox period to be the most intense and to have the most profound impact, and that may make you feel like you are now “in recovery” and don’t need to do any more work (other than continue not using). But though detox can be one of the most difficult stages of recovery, it is only one of the stages.

It is important that you understand what to expect in your Buckeye outpatient aftercare, as well as to get the right kind of addiction treatment during this period.

Why Aftercare Is Critical For An Addiction Recovery In Glendale, AZ

Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms

You have likely heard about and are bracing yourself from the physical symptoms you’ll experience during detox. It is an intense period in which your body is withdrawing from powerful, addictive substances, and you will be very sick and in pain during this time. A good drug treatment center will help you through this withdrawal period as much as possible.

What you may not know is that you will also have withdrawal symptoms after your initial detox. These can last for a few days, or they can go on for months or years, depending on the drug. Some of the symptoms can include:

  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Irritability
  • Loss of impulse control
  • Low energy
  • Inability to focus
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety

You will need support for managing these symptoms in your aftercare so that you do not have a relapse and have to go through detox again.

Common Challenges After Residential Treatment

Beside the physical symptoms you will face after your original addiction treatment, you will face a number of other challenges. You will need to attend aftercare treatment to learn the skills to manage these challenges, such as relationship hardships, financial setbacks, triggers, and more.

One of the biggest challenges you will face when you return from residential treatment is that you may have a new outlook and focus on healthy living, but everything else in your life will be the same, including many of the people. You may have friends who continue to use or family members who continue to expect the worst from you. Getting aftercare treatment will help you learn how to navigate these challenges, to form healthy relationships, and more, so that you can stay on your road to recovery.

Types Of Aftercare Treatment For Addiction

There are a few types of aftercare treatment that are available, so you can find an option that works best for you. These can include:

  • Extended Care

You can enter a sober living program where you can be independent while still getting the support and structure you need.

  • Recovery Coaching

You can tap into a network of mentors and peer-to-peer support to help you navigate challenges and adjust to a sober lifestyle.

  • Outpatient Services

These services can include individual and group therapy and other psychiatric services. You can access them while still going to work, attending school, or meeting other obligations.

You may find that you need different types of aftercare services at different times in your recovery. Some people may need extended care after residential treatment, while others may be ok with some outpatient services. Everyone is different, and each person’s needs can change over time. Be honest with yourself about what you need, and reach out for the right help. Your ultimate goal should be maintaining your sobriety and having a healthy life. Take advantage of whatever help is going to help you meet that goal.

Visit a Qualified Addiction Clinic In Glendale

Corebella Health & Wellness offers aftercare services in Glendale and Tempe. We have a variety of outpatient services, including individual and group counseling, coaching, and support. Our wellness clinic also offers services that can help you manage your physical aftercare, including nutritional counseling, pain management, and hormone replacement therapy. We offer a comprehensive approach to give you the best chance of success in your recovery so you can have the healthy lifestyle you deserve. We offer treatment for those suffering from a variety of addictions, and we accept a variety of insurance plans. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or appointment at one of our Glendale or Tempe locations.


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