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Since 2015, Corebella Health & Wellness has been providing top rated drug addiction treatment and counseling in Glendale and Tempe, including surrounding areas in the Valley such as Mesa, Phoenix, Chandler, and more. Our trained and board certified providers are dedicated to offering quality treatment as soon as you step through our doors.

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Schedule An Appointment To Review Your Case & Begin


Get Help With The Associated Causes Of Addiction


Begin The Process Of Detoxing, With The Help Of Suboxone If Applicable


Group Counseling sessions are available, To Help Deal With The Emotional Triggers Related To Addicition


Benefits Of Outpatient Treatment


Learn more about suboxone®

The providers and staff at Corebella Health & Wellness utilize the highly effective treatment of Suboxone to help patients achieve freedom from their addiction. This is a revolutionary medicine that contains the active ingredients buprenorphine and naloxone to those suffering from addiction. This treatment reduces the potential for abuse and blocks the effects of opiates to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and help patients recover from their addiction with a higher rate of success than other methods.

Reducing potential for abuse

Blocking effects of opiates

Easy Accessibility

Alleviating withdrawal symptoms

Great Rate of Success



Additional Chandler Services Offered



Promoting Pain Management Through Use Of Herbal Alternatives To Deadly Opiods

Living with chronic pain, whether physical, mental, or emotional, can be completely debilitating to everyday life. It can cause a person to draw back from activities, isolate themselves from family or friends, and deal a heavy blow to any social life. Fortunately, one of the additional services offered at our Chandler addiction clinic is pain management. Our pain management experts will help pinpoint the various aspects of your pain, including the cause, intensity, duration, and triggers, and work with you to create a doable management plan moving forward.


Diet & Weight Loss

Ensuring a Healthy Lifestyle Through Proven Weight Loss Regimines

Corebella is a certified Chandler wellness clinic qualified to assist you in your diet and weight loss goals. Our health team understands the various issues typically preventing people from achieving their ideal weight, and our nutrition experts will work with you one-on-one to identify your personal goals and how to reach them. Not only will we encourage a consistent exercise plan, but we will also focus on your nutrition and daily habits to encourage an overall healthy lifestyle. We are here to motivate and walk with you through every step of your personal process.

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