Common Reasons People Don’t Get Treatment and Why You Should

Long before anyone tells you, you know that you have a problem. Most people don’t show up to an intervention surprised. You know that you’ve been drinking or using drugs too much or for too long, and you know that it’s negatively affecting your life. But you still don’t seek help.

You’re not alone. A lot of people who need addiction treatment don’t get it – and a lot of them avoid it for the same reasons. You’ll probably recognize some of your own feelings in these common reasons that people avoid addiction therapy:

Many people cling to what they know – even if what they know is unhealthy and harmful. That’s why so many people remain in abusive situations and why so many people carry on in their addiction. They know what to expect in their current situation, and they’re afraid of how things will be different if they make changes.

Addicts often fear the physical withdrawal symptoms they know they’ll experience if they go to an addiction clinic also. The thought of the intensity and the physical discomfort can be overwhelming for an addict, causing them to avoid treatment altogether. But you should know that there are many options for easing discomfort during the withdrawal process, including healing therapies like massage and medical supplementation like suboxone.


You might hear some addicts say things like, “I don’t think treatment will even work for me” or, “I failed a rehab once already.” The truth is that recovery is not an all-or-nothing proposition. You might fail the first time out. You might fail multiple times. But failing once or failing a dozen times doesn’t meant that you can’t be successful.

The only way to know if you will succeed is to try. You will fail 100 percent of the time when you don’t even make the effort. And if you try and fail, know that you can try again. Your eventual recovery and health are worth the attempt.


Many addicts already feel hopeless. They may feel hopeless about their future, about their relationships, and about whether things will get better. Many indulge in alcohol and drugs to deal with that hopelessness and despair.

It only makes sense that many addicts would also feel hopeless about their chances at a drug treatment center. They may feel that there is no point in even trying to get well since they feel like no one cares whether they live or die, like nothing they do will improve their lives, or like they will fail at treatment anyway. No matter how bad things are, they can always get better. The only way to get there is to take the first step and to call an addiction clinic for more information.


Finally, a lot of people don’t want to enter an addiction treatment facility because of the stigma and judgement they think it will generate. They don’t want people to know that they have struggled with addiction or that they had to go to rehab.

But even if you think that you are hiding your addiction well, it’s important for you to know that you are not. People may not know exactly what you are doing, but they know that something is amiss. You won’t be able to be your full self until you can overcome your addiction. When people learn about your treatment and former addiction one day, they will admire you for getting the help you needed and for making such a tough yet positive change.

Do not let any of these common reasons keep you from getting the addiction treatment you need. If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, look for a drug treatment center near you to start getting the help you need. It’s never too late to start creating the life you deserve.

Corebella Health and Wellness is a drug treatment center and wellness center in Arizona, offering services in Glendale and Tempe. Our staff includes a suboxone doctor who can prescribe this powerful recovery aide, as well as counselors and other specialists who can help you through every step of the recovery process. Our staff also offer overall wellness services to help people long after the recovery process. Call us today to learn more about our addiction therapy and other services.

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