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Common Signs that You Might be an Addict

Maybe you like to drink or get high sometimes. (Maybe more than you realize.) But you hold down a job and you show up for your kids, so you might not think that you have a problem. You just like to have fun – you’re definitely not an addict, you tell yourself.

There may be many signs that you are overlooking that you have an addiction and need to get professional help from an addiction clinic or drug treatment center. Here are some of the “hidden” signs that you might not be noticing that you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol:

You Don’t Have Any Limits

Have you ever noticed that when you’re out with someone and they say something like, “I think I’m at my limit!” or “Two’s about all I can handle!” Most people recognize when they’ve had enough and they need to cut themselves off or start taking care of themselves, such as by eating food or heading home for some sleep.

If you’re an addict, you don’t have these kinds of limits. You are likely to keep drinking or using drugs until you pass out. Over time, you’ll build tolerance and you’ll be able to take more and more. Try to remember how much you used to need to feel good and think about how much you use now. If there is a big disparity or you are drinking or using drugs without any limits, you may need professional addiction treatment.

You Spend More Time Alone

Do you find yourself sneaking away to the bathroom more during the workday so you can take a sip of a bottle or do a line of coke? Do you spend more time away from family so you can do drugs, or look for drugs, or think about how depressed you are without drugs? Do you feel irritable more often and hang out in your room instead of going out with friends when you’re invited?

Spending more time alone and withdrawing from friends and family is a big sign that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol. Even if you are not spending that time drinking or doing drugs, you are withdrawing from healthy facets of your life, and that could be a sign that you’re in trouble. You should seek addiction counseling right away.

You Lie or Make a Lot of Excuses

Maybe you are lying about where you were or how you spent your money because you were off doing drugs (or drinking) or buying drugs (or alcohol). Or maybe you had to make excuses for being late to work because you were sleeping off a bender or just plain forgot about that deadline. Maybe you’re making up elaborate reasons why you had to get a new doctor because you don’t want your family to know that you’re trying to get drugs.

Addicts frequently have to hide the truth to hide their addictive behaviors. If you find yourself lying or making a lot of excuses – or if you hear from family and friends that you’re doing that – you may need to seek out a drug treatment clinic or addiction therapy.

You Have Problems with Money

Addiction isn’t cheap. Even cheap beer costs a lot when you are drinking it in large quantities. The amounts just go up when you get into hard liquor and any kind of drugs. The more voracious your addiction, the more you will need to fulfill it.

If you start having problems with money, you may need to look more closely at your habits. Are you really cutting cable because you don’t need it, or are you doing it because you have to save wherever you can? Are you really eating out less because you’re becoming more responsible, or do you find yourself with less expendable income? Think carefully about your finances. Are they being drained to fuel your addiction? If so, you need to find an addiction clinic to get the treatment you need.

The sooner you recognize that you have an addiction, the sooner you can get the addiction treatment you need and start rebuilding your life. Don’t deny the warning signs. Embrace them and let them empower you to get the help you need.

Call Corebella Health and Wellness today if you are struggling with addiction and are ready to get the help you need. We are a drug treatment center and wellness clinic, offering a variety of therapies in Glendale and Tempe to help you. We also have a suboxone doctor on staff to prescribe medical therapy. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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