Early Recovery Mistakes & Crucial Warning Signs To Be Aware Of

Errors You Must Avoid In Your Addiction Recovery Journey

Once you decide to get sober and healthy, you may want to get there as soon as possible. And once you enter addiction treatment and have that initial break in the grip of your addiction, you may become overly confident and feel that you can take on anything. However, you need to recognize that recovery is not a destination; it’s a journey that will last your whole lifetime. It’s important that you settle into your recovery and learn how to break your habits, to reform healthy connections, to create healthier habits, and more.

Learning about some of the early recovery mistakes can help you be more vigilant in your own recovery. Here are a couple of common mistakes you should try to avoid and some crucial warning signs:

Errors You Must Avoid In Your Addiction Recovery Journey In Tempe, AZ

Not Prioritizing The Recovery Treatment

You may want to leave your in-patient addiction clinic as soon as possible so you can get back to work and your life. Yet doing so will make you much more likely to relapse. You need to take the time to really focus on your recovery so that you are well-prepared when you get back to work and other aspects of your life that can trigger your usage.

Stay for as long as your Scottsdale addiction treatment program takes, and then make it a priority to find a sponsor, to attend meetings, and to attend an outpatient program that includes counseling. Your work will mean nothing if you end up using it again. Your life is more important than your work.

Getting Into a Relationship Too Quickly

You cannot be in a healthy relationship with someone else until you have developed a healthy relationship with yourself. You need to devote the time to your recovery and to building a healthy lifestyle before you can get into a relationship with someone else. And the other person should also be well into their own recovery journey if they are an addict, as well.

Check in with your sponsor and your counselors to determine when you are ready for a new relationship. Don’t follow your whims and start dating as soon as you become interested in someone.

Isolating Yourself From Family & Friends

You may not be able to jump into a relationship, but you also shouldn’t isolate yourself from others. It’s a warning sign of trouble to come if you are not getting out to see friends and family. You need a strong and healthy support system to see you through your recovery.

If you don’t already have a good network, you should seek to build one through your addiction treatment. You can meet other people through meetings and even through activities sponsored by the addiction clinic or other groups.

Becoming Co-Dependent To The Treatment Program

Many people will come forward in your Gilbert addiction treatment program to support you and give you advice, such as your counselors, sponsors, and others in more advanced stages of their recovery. Because these people are helpful and so eager to provide support, you may start to lean on them – perhaps even a little too much.

Remember that in order to be successful, you have to take responsibility for your recovery. You need to do the work to really learn the lessons and make the changes. Get support where you need it, but remember that you have to lead the charge.

Not Learning From Your Previous Addiction Mistakes

No one is going to have a perfect road to recovery. You will make mistakes, and you will have plenty of setbacks along the way. Do not give up. Instead, take the time to check in with your counselors, your sponsor, and your support network to work through your setback, learn from your mistakes, and emerge stronger for the next phase of your recovery.

Continuing to work with the right addiction treatment professionals and maintaining a strong support network will help you overcome these common mistakes and recognize any warning signs in their early stages. Always reach out to an addiction clinic in Chandler for additional help if you find that you are struggling and your usual outlets are not helping in the same way.

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