Effective Ways To Overcome Anxiety During Addiction Recovery

Strategies That Can Help You Cope With Anxiety In An Addiction Recovery

Many people who are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction experience anxiety. In fact, some begin to abuse drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with their anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues. These substances blunt those feelings and make them easier to bear.

Addiction counseling can teach you how to manage the triggers for using drugs and alcohol, including any anxiety you may feel. Every addiction treatment program is tailored around the individual, so different people may learn different strategies for success. However, here are some strategies that are generally helpful to many people dealing with anxiety during their recovery:

Strategies That Can Help You Cope With Anxiety In An Addiction Recovery In Tempe, AZ.

Use Grounding Exercises

When you are anxious, you are likely to get consumed by thoughts about potential problems. Or you may just have a panic reaction and not know why. You can bring your thoughts to the present and calm your body by using grounding exercises.

One of the most common grounding exercises asks you to name five things you can see around you, to list four things that you can touch, to name three things that you can hear, to notice two things that you can smell, and to think of one thing that you can taste. This simple exercise focuses all your senses on the present, and it helps you to train your thoughts on immediate, tangible things instead of worries.

Talk To a Friend Or An Addiction Counselor

Talking to a friend or even a Scottsdale addiction counselor can help you get out your worries and release them. Just talking to someone can help you process your feelings and gain some perspective. It can also release the power that your thoughts have on you.

After your addiction therapy, you will also have access to regular support groups. Attend one of these if you are feeling anxious. You’ll be able to talk about your feelings, and you’ll likely hear from others who have felt or experienced similar things, making you feel less alone.


Meditation can help you focus your thoughts on the present moment. It can teach you to be more mindful, which can help to manage anxiety and to regulate mood. You can meditate at any time you are feeling anxious, but it is more helpful to make meditation a regular part of your routine.

You don’t have to feel intimidated by meditation or worry that you’re doing it “right.” There are many meditations you can learn, the most basic of which is simply focusing on your breaths. Many apps are available to give you meditation exercises. You can practice even for just a few minutes at a time.

Do Yoga

Yoga is a type of meditation for many people. It can teach you to develop a strong focus on your body and your breathing, and that can help to regulate your mood and quiet your thoughts.

Like with meditation, you can develop your own yoga practice, which can include a variety of exercises and which you can practice for as much or as little as suits your needs.

Do Something Fun To Distract Yourself From Anxious Thoughts

Often, simply distracting yourself can help you manage anxious thoughts. But instead of distracting yourself with something like drugs or alcohol, distract yourself with a fun and healthy activity. Meet up with friends. Paint a picture. Go listen to music. Do whatever will take your mind off your anxiety until you can approach the problem in a more constructive way.

A lot of people suffer from anxiety at one time or another. Some people suffer from it frequently. Fortunately, anxiety can be managed. You can use these tools, and you can talk with a counselor to develop other strategies that will help you. Regular addiction therapy in Phoenix will help you manage your anxiety and other triggers so that you can continue to be successful in your recovery.

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