How Outpatient Treatment Can Positively Contribute to Your Recovery
How Outpatient Treatment Can Positively Contribute to Your Recovery
December 21, 2020
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Successfully Coping with the Pressure of the Holidays
December 31, 2020
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Finding Harmony with Your Work and Your Recovery

Finding Harmony with Your Work and Your Recovery

Things to Help you Find Harmony During your Addiction Treatment

Work is a big stressor for anyone. Even people who seem to have it all together can feel down after a stressful week (or more) at work. Those who have struggled with addiction or mental health issues can find work especially challenging. Those stressors can actually trigger the desire to use or other harmful behavior.

You will learn how to manage the stress that you face at work and in other aspects of your life when you go through addiction treatment in Phoenix. But you’ll find that managing these stressors is an ongoing challenge, and you may need to adapt and evolve your approach as time goes on. Here are a few things you will find are going to be most effective in helping you to find harmony between your work and maintaining your recovery:

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Set Your Intentions

Many people just wake up and head through their day dealing with things as they come up – basically just responding to events as they happen. It creates a kind of aimless feeling that can make it harder to deal with challenges.

Instead, you should wake up and set your intention for the day. Your intention can be something as simple as getting through the day with peace and a bit of grace. Or you can set specific intentions to get through your day without getting angry at your co-worker or to behave confidently and impress your boss. Setting your intentions early in the day will focus your thoughts and behavior, allowing you to stay on target and reducing the likelihood that you will be thrown off by events that arise or other people’s behavior.

Recognize Your Triggers

Recognizing your triggers is a big part of your Scottsdale addiction treatment. It’s especially important to recognize your triggers at work since you will be spending so much of your time there. Most people spend more time at work than they do anywhere else.

Be honest with yourself and recognize your triggers at work. A trigger may be when you feel like you have failed in some way. Or it may be that co-worker who speaks to you condescendingly. Once you identify your triggers, work with your addiction counselor in Scottsdale to develop strategies for dealing with them in a healthy way so that you don’t threaten your recovery.

Make Self-Care a Priority

You need to be kind to yourself. Even with the best intentions and the best-laid plans, things can go wrong during your work day. You can feel overwhelmed or tired. You can fall short of your goals. When these things happen, focus on your self-care. Take a short break to walk around the building outside to get some fresh air. Close the office door and meditate for 10 minutes. Call a friend to debrief and de-stress.
Work with your Phoenix addiction counselor to identify the strategies for self-care that work best for you, and try them when you are struggling during the work day. If your regular strategies are not having success, consider taking a day or two off for some more intensive rest and reflection.

Connect with Friends

Your friends and your support network are there for you when things get too tough. You need to reach out to them when you are struggling with issues at work, as well. Call a friend when you need to talk through a problem that has come up at work. Talk to your sponsor when you are feeling overwhelmed and need to figure out ways to find balance. Or just call a loved one when you need to vent.

Work can be a major stressor, and stress can make you feel overwhelmed and more likely to drink or use drugs again. But you learn the skills to deal with these kinds of challenges in your addiction treatment. Using these skills and relying on your support network can help you weather whatever storms come your way and make you feel more empowered in the process. Get additional addiction counseling if especially big challenges come up, and reach out to your network whenever you need them.

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