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Corebella Health & Wellness is a local drug rehab center that provides a variety of services for patients throughout Arizona, including Suboxone doctors, group counseling, pain management, weight loss, hormone testing, and much more.

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Corebella Health & Wellness has been a top rated wellness center since 2015, helping those who struggle with addiction overcome their illness with the most effective treatment and addiction counseling in the Valley. Our trained and board certified providers strive to provide quality addiction treatment and care the moment you walk through our doors. Our #1 rated Gilbert addiction treatment clinic provides a variety of addiction treatment services such as outpatient rehab, same day service, group counseling, and much more. Consult with the providers at Corebella Health & Wellness today to find out more.


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Inpatient Rehabilitation is vastly different than outpatient rehabs, but they are both just as effective as the other. Inpatient rehab requires that the patient check themselves into the facility as a live in resident, while outpatient rehab offers the freedom of daily life while also treating the addiction problem. Both take time and commitment and can be part of a long-term treatment plan. As a top rated outpatient rehab center near Gilbert, Corebella Health & Wellness is dedicated to providing the most thorough treatment for your addiction.

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