Group Counseling For Substance Abuse

Affordable Group Therapy For Substance Abuse

At Corebella Health & Wellness, we know that substance abuse and addiction are no joke. Once you have decided to take control of your life and overcome substance abuse, we are here to help. Not only do we offer intensive addiction treatment and individual therapy, but we also specialize in group therapy sessions for added support and encouragement in your journey toward success over substance abuse.

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    As a great first step on your road to recovery, Corebella is now offering group therapy sessions with a professional addiction counselor once a week. These should be used as an added support to your individual counseling sessions and treatment. Our counselors and therapists strongly recommend joining one of our groups to experience the added benefits of diversity, perspective, and community. Call us today for more information!

    Top-Rated Substance Abuse Counseling Service

    Since 2015, Corebella has received countless excellent ratings and positive reviews for our successful substance abuse treatment services. Our professional therapists and counselors are kind, knowledgeable, and fully committed to helping every patient be successful in their recovery.

    Guaranteed Substance Abuse Treatment

    Here at Corebella Health & Wellness, we have an excellent history of success and positive outcomes for patients facing substance abuse. Our treatment and therapy are proven and effective, and you can trust that you will always be treated with respect by our staff. If you need professional help, contact Corebella to set up a confidential consultation today!

    Professional Addiction Therapists
    Professional Addiction Therapists

    Every staff member at Corebella is certified, highly trained, and extremely knowledgeable. Each counselor, therapist, and doctor bring years of experience to the team, so that we can serve you and help you overcome substance abuse. Everything is kept confidential, and you are always treated with respect and priority as you work through your recovery.

    Supportive Therapy Group
    Supportive Therapy Group

    One of the most important aspects of overcoming substance abuse through our treatment program at Corebella is group therapy. Not only do you receive individual therapy and treatment, but we strongly encourage everyone to participate in our weekly group meeting, where you will experience community and support from others who are facing the same challenges.

    Advantages of Group Counseling For Addiction

    Our professional therapists at Corebella firmly believe in the power of group therapy when overcoming substance abuse. Knowing you are not alone, and experiencing encouragement, diversity, and group motivation have a drastic impact on your success.

    Group Perspective

    If you suffer from knee or other joint pain as a result of arthritis, aging, a sports injury, or other reason, consult with our pain experts at Corebella.

    Interpersonal Interaction

    Receive genuine support and encouragement from others who fully understand the challenges you face on your road to recovery.

    Constant Group Support & Motivation

    Our group therapy sessions can help facilitate lifelong relationships and positive motivation to keep overcoming substance abuse and addiction.

    Why Choose Corebella Substance Abuse Counseling Services?

    When you walk through our doors seeking help to overcome substance abuse and addiction, we welcome you with respect and openness, and will immediately begin working with you to develop a unique treatment plan. Nobody can truly overcome substance abuse alone, so let our trained therapists and professional doctors help you get started on the road to recovery. With our excellent success rate and years of positive reviews from previous patients, you will not regret choosing Corebella for help dealing with substance abuse. Our services are affordable, and we gladly accept most major insurance plans and AHCCCS plans, to ensure that nobody seeking treatment gets left behind. Give us a call today, or visit one of our locations to begin forming a treatment plan for success!

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    This place has definitely changed my life for the better!

    Bonnie Powers
    Tempe, AZ

    In order to maintain our client’s privacy we have used a reference photograph.

    I’m the person i used to be before i became an addict and I’m so glad i came here! Y’all have definitely saved my life!!! I feel so much better and everything is just better in my life now altogether I’ve been clean and sober for nearly 2 months because of y’all!!! Thank y’all so much!!!!

    Working with Corebella has been amazing. Not only did I feel welcomed, but also a sense of inclusion. Would recommend to any family or friends who want a caring Provider.

    Great customer service! Dr.patel is our primary & he is very sympathetic & undertstanding,we feel like we’re able to talk to him about anything! Great place to go if your looking for the family feel!

    The office is nice and everyone is so friendly. I recently switched from a different place and am happy I did! I feel like I’m on the road to full recovery!

    Olivia B.
    Trevor p.
    Blake S.
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