Group Vs. Individual Addiction Therapy: Know Which Program Can Meet Your Needs

How To Choose The Right Type Of Addiction Therapy Program In Tempe

Addiction counseling includes both group support and therapy meetings and individual therapy. Some addiction programs present these different types as options available to you, and some programs make both types of therapy an integral part of the treatment plan.

As you are researching addiction treatment programs or you are trying to create your own outpatient therapy plan, you may be wondering what the real difference is between group and individual therapy and which is right for you. Here’s a little information about the two to help you decide:

Group Vs Individual Addiction Therapy in Tempe, AZ

Individual Therapy: What Is Involved & What Are The Advantages?

Individual therapy involves you talking directly to a counselor during private sessions. How frequently these sessions take place depends on what kind of issues you are working through and how much support you need. Some people can see a therapist five days a week. However, once a week is more common.

In individual addiction therapy, the therapist is able to focus on your needs directly, which means you get more time to talk through your issues and to get direct feedback and guidance. In this intimate setting, you can also share more openly, without any fear of what others may be thinking or whether they are judging you. You are more likely to share freely in individual therapy, which means that you’ll be able to get more help.

Individual therapy also allows more flexible scheduling. You don’t have to find a time that works for a large group of people. You just need to find times that work for you and your therapist.

Group Therapy: Definition & Benefits

In group therapy, you will meet with other addicts in recovery and a therapist or a group leader. The therapist or leader serves more as a guide for the conversation, rather than offering direct feedback or guidance. Instead, members of the group share their experiences and thoughts as a way of gaining supports, validation, and insight.

The biggest benefit of group therapy is that you get to connect with other people who are in a similar situation and who are struggling with many of the same issues. You get the reassurance that you are not alone in what you have experienced, and you can get support and advice from those who have been through it and come out the other side. You can also get different perspectives to help you better manage your feelings or to find new solutions.

Also, being in group therapy teaches you valuable communication skills that you will use throughout your life.

What Is The Best Therapy To Treat Substance Use Disorders?

What you will find after you have researched the different therapy options for your substance abuse and maybe even had a chance to try them out, is that there aren’t really any drawbacks of one therapy over the other. You get unique benefits from both. Rather than choosing between the two, you will find that you’ll be much better off by getting both types of therapy. They complement each other to help you make progress more quickly.

If you have not already tried both types of therapy, now is the time to try them. Find an individual therapist who specializes in addiction issues and have a few sessions. If the therapist is not the right fit, try another therapist before deciding that individual therapy is not right for you. Then find support groups and group therapy sessions for addicts near you. Again, try a few meetings to see what it’s like, and if you’re not feeling it, go to another meeting for a few sessions. When you find the right therapist and the right group, you’ll find that you maximize the benefits for your recovery by going to both.

Find The Right Adiccition Recovery Center In Tempe, AZ

Corebella Health and Wellness offers both individual addiction counseling and support groups as part of our comprehensive offering of addiction treatment services. Other services include medication therapy from a suboxone doctor, pain management, nutrition counseling, and hormone therapies. Our goal is to not only help you end your addiction but also to create a healthier, sober lifestyle. We serve clients through the Glendale and Tempe areas. Contact us today to learn more about our addiction clinic and the services we offer, or to schedule an appointment or consultation.


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