How Effective Is Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

What Is Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment is a type of addiction treatment or therapy that does not require a person to enter a residential program. Instead, the person in treatment continues living in their home or in another living situation such as a sober house. This arrangement enables individuals to receive the addiction treatment they need while also being able to remain close to their loved ones and even continue working. It can be an especially good option for students, adults who need to keep their job, or those who cannot step away from their family responsibilities. People who are in good health and have a stable living environment are usually good candidates for outpatient treatment at a Tempe drug treatment center.

Professional Outpatient Addiction Treatment In Glendale, AZ

Is Outpatient Treatment As Effective As Inpatient Treatment?

It’s commonly believed that outpatient treatment is less effective than inpatient treatment at a rehab, but evidence shows that this is not necessarily the case. This study showed that outpatient treatment is “comparably effective” to inpatient programs and, in some cases, may be even more beneficial than inpatient treatment. Families and patients are glad to learn that outpatient treatment provides access to many services. This may include individual and group addiction counseling sessions, education, and even a wellness clinic. Usually, outpatient counseling services are available with flexible hours throughout the day and evening so that individuals can easily fit treatment into their schedules.

Individual Counseling During Outpatient Treatment

One very powerful tool in Scottsdale drug rehab center is individual counseling. This is especially true for those in outpatient treatment situations. Of course, individuals in inpatient addiction treatment are in a controlled and somewhat artificial environment free of outside influences. Those who are in outpatient treatment are not. This has pros and cons depending on the person and situation. One significant advantage is that this allows people in outpatient treatment to address challenges immediately as they occur.

For example, a person in outpatient Tempe addiction treatment may find themselves in a difficult or stressful situation at their work. They can quickly seek guidance from their counselor, who can offer solutions and discuss how to ease the stress, enabling the person in treatment to immediately put what they are learning in counseling into practice in real life.

What To Expect From Individual Outpatient Substance Abuse Counseling

One of the helpful facets of individual counseling is that it is so adaptable to an individual’s specific needs. However, the overall goal is always to improve self-awareness, build strength, and provide the tools needed to achieve and maintain sobriety. Some topics that are frequently discussed in individual counseling through Glendale addiction treatment are:

  • Understanding the root causes of addiction
  • Stress management skills
  • Working through obstacles such as rebuilding relationships, avoiding negative influences, and what recovery looks like in work and family environments
  • Replacing bad habits and coping mechanisms with positive habits and activities
  • How to maintain sobriety in social settings and developing support networks

When an individual in Tempe addiction counseling builds a relationship by spending time one-on-one with their counselor, they are able to receive specific tools and recommendations to help them with their unique needs and goals. Outpatient counseling for oxycodone rehabilitation provides the necessary confidence and tools an addicted person needs to navigate their lives and meet any challenges that head their way, with professional guidance from their counselor available whenever it is needed.

Group Counseling & Therapy During Outpatient Treatment

People struggling with addictions often feel very alone. Even if they are supported in Glendale addiction treatment by their family and friends, they may feel that no one really understands what they are dealing with. An advantage of group counseling for substance abuse is recognizing that they are not alone and what they are feeling is normal. In group counseling, everyone has the opportunity to share their stories, including struggles and accomplishments. This gives others a chance to learn from the experiences of others or get a fresh perspective. Since community and support are a key element of group counseling, lifelong friendships are often formed.

What To Expect From Addiction Group Counseling

Like individual counseling, group counseling sessions will vary depending on the needs of the group. Common topics include dealing with triggers, avoiding relapse, family dynamics, and discussing daily life in the context of recovery. Sharing personal struggles in group counseling may be intimidating at first, but is a valuable skill to develop and group counseling provides a safe and therapeutic space to do that. Honest communication and effectively sharing feelings is a critical part of recovery. The compassion and shared experience of group counseling provides important support that people in Mesa addiction treatment need.

Get Professional Outpatient Addiction Treatment In Glendale, AZ

If you or someone you love is looking for outpatient addiction treatment in Glendale or Tempe, contact Corebella Health & Wellness. We are recognized as one of the highest quality health care providers in the area. Our board certified counselors are experienced and dedicated to giving you the best treatment. Our Glendale addiction clinic offers a wide variety of services, including individual and group counseling for patients and their families, a wellness clinic, and medically supervised detox with our suboxone doctor. For more information, contact Corebella Health & Wellness today. We look forward to serving you!


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