How Improving Physical Health Can Contribute to Your Mental Health

For many, Arizona addiction treatment has to include mental health treatment if it is going to be effective. Many people end up abusing alcohol or drugs as a way of coping with mental health issues. Others develop mental health problems, like depression, as a result of their addiction and the damage it has caused to their lives and their relationships. 

 Many studies have shown that improving physical health also has a positive impact on mental health, so much mental health treatment in Arizona has now included a focus on overall wellness. It’s a positive cycle. By improving your physical health, you can improve your mental health, which can improve the success of your addiction treatment in Arizona

Young woman doing stretching exercise in a yoga class

Here are a few things you can do to improve your physical and mental health: 


Poor diet can wreak havoc on your hormones. It can cause imbalances that lead to severe mood swings and a lack of energy. It can cause insulin spikes that can lead to severe energy crashes. With a poor diet, you can suffer from a lack of concentration, poor sleep, mood swings, fatigue, and much more. 

Incorporating fresh, whole foods into your diet can help to stabilize your mood and your energy levels, which can give you the mental fortitude to take on whatever the day has to throw at you. It can also help you get better sleep, which can help you handle life’s ups and downs a little easier. 


Eating a better diet can also help you to lose weight, which can improve your overall health, as well as your mental health. Research has shown that increased weight is linked to an increased risk of depression. Increased weight can negatively affect your body image, and it can lead to low self-esteem. If you are struggling with addiction, you need everything you can to help you with your self-image.

Losing weight can not only help improve your physical health, but also your mental health. That can also improve the success of your addiction treatment in Phoenix. 


Exercise can do wonders for your health – your physical health, your mental health, and your emotional health. Exercise improves every aspect of your body. It makes your body stronger and better able to adapt to sickness. It also helps to balance your hormones and improve your energy levels. The end result is that you feel better able to do everything, having a better outlook, and feel energized at the same time. 

You don’t have to become an athletic competitor or follow the workout schedule of a Hollywood star to get the benefits that exercise offers. Just 30 minutes a day, four times a week is enough to get the benefits. Try a walk, go for a bike ride, or do some yoga. Do whatever feels good to you. 


Mindfulness practice can help you reduce stress and regulate your mood. It can help you stave off depression – or manage it. Mindfulness helps you to focus on the moment, rather than on worrying about what has happened or what might happen. 

Mindfulness can also help you in your Phoenix addiction treatment. It can help you to better manage your triggers so that you are less likely to use. It can also help you to avoid other negative behaviors that can later contribute to your desire to use. Many  Phoenix Addiction counselors will include mindfulness techniques in your addiction therapy in Phoenix. If yours doesn’t, it is worth learning mindfulness techniques on your own. 

When you decide to get addiction therapy, make a commitment to your overall wellness also. Find an addiction clinic in Arizona that offers wellness services, or plan to sign up for these services alongside your addiction treatment. You may want to see a nutritionist, to work with a personal trainer (or just join a gym), or even to learn mindfulness.

At Corebella Health and Wellness, we offer a combination of addiction treatment and wellness services. We are not just an addiction clinic, but a wellness clinic also. We offer addiction therapy and medical therapy with a suboxone doctor. We also offer nutritional counseling, hormone therapy, and other wellness services. Our goal is to help you create a healthy lifestyle free of your addiction, including better physical and mental health. Call us today to learn about our services in Glendale and Tempe. 

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