How Therapy during Sobriety Can Help You

4 Reasons Why Therapy Is Essential in Addiction Treatment

Some people refuse to get therapy because they think that only “crazy” people or people with serious mental health problems are the ones who go to therapists. But the reality is that nearly everyone can benefit from regular counseling, no matter what stage of life they are in.

If you have gone through addiction treatment, you likely already had addiction counseling. But continuing to get addiction therapy after you leave the Phoenix drug treatment center will help you on the road to recovery. Here are a few ways that getting therapy can help your sobriety:

Woman getting addiction therapy in Phoenix

Promote Confidence and Self-Acceptance

Many people who struggle with addiction also struggle with feelings of worthlessness. They may have anxiety or depression as a result of those feelings, and they may self-medicate those issues with drugs or alcohol. Their feelings of worthlessness may drive their desire to abuse drugs or alcohol, and those feelings may make it harder for them to seek out Phoenix addiction treatment and create a healthier life (since they may feel that they do not deserve it).

Ongoing therapy can help you build self-esteem and learn how to accept yourself, even with your shortcomings and mistakes (which we all have). The more you accept yourself, the more confidence you will have, and the better you will be able to face life’s challenges and rebound from them. You will feel like you have the skills to deal with those problems and that you are worthy of having better relationships and opportunities in your life.

Explore Unhealthy Family Dynamics

Unhealthy family dynamics can create a poor foundation for many adults, leading them to have mental health struggles. Many who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction also have unhealthy family dynamics. Addiction therapy can help you sort through these dynamics and help you understand how to set healthy boundaries, develop better communication skills, and more.

Working through unhealthy dynamics from your family of origin can help you improve your relationships and create a healthier and happier lifestyle, which will support the work you are doing during recovery.

Develop Healthy Goals

Setting goals can help you develop yourself personally and professionally, and it can give you something to look forward to. Having healthy goals can keep you moving forward, instead of ruminating on the past and regret. All of that can help you stay on the road to recovery.

Going to therapy can help you to identify healthy goals that you’re excited about and can support you in working toward those goals.

Learn How to Manage Stress and Transitions

So many people in recovery suffer setbacks when they face serious stress or big changes in their life. A loved one may die, they may get divorced, they may lose a job, they may get ill, or they may experience some other unexpected, challenging event. If you are already struggling with an addiction, such events can easily cause you to relapse.

Regular therapy can help you learn how to better cope with stress and to navigate life’s transitions. You’ll learn tools to help you build resilience and healthy coping mechanisms so that you not only maintain your sobriety but you also get through these challenges with a strong sense of self and emotional health.

Recovery is an ongoing journey, and you need an extensive support network to help you through it, including friends, family, and professional therapists. Getting regular therapy will help you develop a healthier outlook and make positive changes in your life, as well as to navigate the issues that led to your addiction and that continue to threaten your recovery.

Corebella Health and Wellness offers support for people in all stages of their recovery. We offer individual and group counseling for those who are just starting out with their addiction treatment, as well as those who are seeking ongoing addiction counseling months or years after their initial recovery. We also offer medication-assisted treatment from a suboxone doctor, as well as pain management, hormone replacement therapy, and other health services in our wellness clinic. We aim to support every aspect of your recovery. We offer services in Glendale and Tempe. Call Corebella Health and Wellness today to learn more or to make an appointment.


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