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How You Can Pass the Hurdles of Early Recovery

Once you finish your addiction treatment and are officially in recovery, you may feel excited and optimistic about your future (as you should be!). But you might have the misguided notion that your stay at an Arizona’s drug treatment center or your completion of addiction counseling marks the end of your “old ways” and the start of a whole new life, with no looks back.

The truth is that you are going to face many hurdles after your treatment is done, and you are going to have to know how to handle them so that you do not slip back into your old ways. Here are a few things you can do to pass those hurdles in your early recovery stages:

Know that Life Will Still be Hard

One reason that challenges seem so huge to some going through recovery is that they have the mindset that now that they have finished their treatment, everything is supposed to be better. Life is supposed to be great.

Keeping the right perspective will help you manage these hurdles so that they don’t set you back. Understanding that treatment is just one step on your road to recovery is important, as is understanding that life is always going to come with challenges.

Know that Relapse Will Only Make Things Worse

You may feel tempted to go back to using when you are overwhelmed emotionally. Many people use to check out so that they don’t have to feel – or so that they can feel something better. While that idea may sound tempting, you have to keep things in perspective. You must remind yourself that doing that will give you temporary relief, but it will only make things much worse for you in the long run.

Identify Coping Strategies

The old ways that you deal with problems don’t work. That’s why you had to get treatment. You need to learn new coping strategies to help you through hard times.

Ideally, you should have learned some strategies in your stay at the drug treatment center in Arizona. However, you may want to explore additional strategies that work for you. Some possibilities include meditation, regular exercise, spending time with positive friends, working on a hobby, or attending events in the community.

Have a Support Network

You can’t do this alone. While recovery starts with you, it continues with help. You need a good support system around you for when times get tough – and they will always get tough again.

Nurture those relationships with family and friends who are supportive and who are a positive influence on your life. Call them, email them, or spend time with them when you are having a hard time. Be honest with them about your struggle. You may be surprised at the kind of support they can lend or the insights they can offer.

Call Your Counselor or Sponsor

Sometimes, your family and friends just can’t understand what you’re going through. Or the feedback they offer is just not helping with what you need. Don’t hesitate to call your counselor or your sponsor for some help. Your counselor will give you helpful insights and help you with coping strategies. Your sponsor will help you remember why you are working so hard and what you can get by continuing to work through your steps to recovery.

You are going to have hard times in life – we all are. You can’t let those hurdles derail your recovery, especially when you are in the early stages and it is so easy to relapse. Make sure you have a strong support system around you and a good counselor or sponsor to call. Then work on developing good coping strategies and maintaining the right perspective.

If you are still in the grips of addiction, call Corebella Health and Wellness in Arizona to learn more about our addiction treatment programs in Arizona. We are a drug treatment center and wellness clinic, and we offer a range of therapies to help you overcome your addiction. Our focus is not just on beating addiction, but on creating overall wellness. Call today to learn about treatment options in Glendale, Tempe, and the surrounding area. You can have the life you want.


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