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Knowing When to Ask for Help When You Relapse
August 5, 2020
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August 13, 2020
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Keep Your Sobriety Intact While Having Summer Fun

Keep Your Sobriety Intact While Having Summer Fun

Summer is a popular time for people to come together. The weather is warm and sunny, and people are ready to get out and do things. You can head to the beach or the lake, go camping, have a barbecue, take hikes, and much more.

Unfortunately for those trying to maintain their sobriety, summer socializing also means a lot of drinking. Many people can’t imagine a Fourth of July celebration or a cookout without beer. Cold cocktails are plentiful at dinner parties and backyard barbecues alike. So what do you do if you want to keep up all the good work you did in Gilbert addiction treatment? Do you just have to give up on the idea of socializing to maintain your sobriety?

No. Here are a few things you can do to still have fun this summer without compromising your sobriety:

Keep Your Sobriety Intact While Having Summer Fun

Choose the Right Activities

If you know that your friend’s barbecues are known for heavy drinking, you should avoid going to them. Don’t show up to activities where you know there will be drinking or drugs. If you aren’t sure, ask the person who invited you whether they will be serving alcohol or allowing guests to bring it.

Know that it’s a safe bet to hang out with friends who don’t drink, as well as to go to family friendly activities. You can also choose activities that don’t involve drinking, like camping with trusted friends, going on hikes, swimming at the local pool (where alcohol is prohibited), and so on. There are plenty of great things you can do to spend time with friends that won’t threaten your sobriety.

Be Prepared to Leave

You may have chosen your activities and your company carefully, but you still may be taken by surprise. Someone you didn’t know may show up with alcohol. Or you may think that you’re going to a typical dinner party, but you walk in on one of your friends using drugs in another room. There are a lot of scenarios that could tempt you to use that you might not expect.

Be prepared to leave any situation if such a scenario occurs. Don’t worry about upsetting your friends or making the situation awkward. You can make an excuse to leave, if you must. However, your friends should be supportive of your sobriety, so don’t be afraid to be honest either.

Bring a Support Person

You likely have many triggers that would tempt you to use drugs or alcohol. You may go to what you consider a safe gathering with safe people, but someone may say or do something that triggers you. It’s important that you have other strategies to help you get past that temptation.

Bringing a sober support person with you to gatherings can help you resist that urge and stay on your path to recovery. You can talk to that person when you are feeling tempted, and that person can help you leave if you need to leave. Just having that person there for support will also make you feel stronger.

Join a Support Group

Having a support group can help you stay in touch with the reasons you are sober, and the people in the group can give you advice and strategies for success. Those people can also support you when you’re feeling down, and they can share their own experiences to help you know that you are not alone.

Look for an addiction support group in Phoenix, and attend meetings regularly. If you can’t find a group, or you don’t have time to attend the group, find a therapist who offers addiction counseling in Arizona to do some one-on-one work.

Don’t feel like you have to sit in the house all summer to stay sober. You can have fun and avoid drugs and alcohol by just following these tips. Always work with a sponsor, a support group, or a network of supportive friends and family to help on your recovery journey. Use them to check in, to get support, or to get practical tips for success.

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