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January 19, 2021
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Maintaining a Proper Work-Life Harmony for Your Recovery

Tips to Manage Work Pressure to Maintain Your Sobriety

Maintaining a work-life balance is essential for the health of everyone. For an addict, it is especially important because a lack of balance can lead to chronic stress that can trigger a relapse of using drugs or alcohol. Part of addiction treatment is learning how to manage triggers and to create a sense of emotional balance.

During your Chandler addiction therapy, you will learn how work pressures can pose a special threat to your sobriety, as well as some ways to manage those pressures to maintain your sobriety. Here are some of the strategies you will learn:

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Start Your Day with Intention

So many of us get into a habit of simply reacting to the events of our day. We show up to work, find out what needs to be done, and start dealing with it. We become overwhelmed by all of the tasks that come at us, in addition to the personal things that pop up.

You can have a better sense of your day and feel more in control by waking up and setting your intention for the day. You can meditate for five to 10 minutes in the morning and focus on your goals for the day. Keep your goals short so that you do not become overwhelmed by trying to take on too much.

Be Responsive to Your Needs

You may find that you become tired during the day or you just aren’t able to focus. Instead of trying to power through it, be responsive to your needs. Take a five-minute break to walk around the building and clear your mind. Go to a quiet spot and get in five minutes of deep breathing.

Always have compassion for yourself, and pay attention to what you need. Do what you can to honor those needs in the moment, or make bigger changes later to address systemic issues.

Recognize Your Triggers

During your addiction treatment in Gilbert, you will learn to identify your triggers. They may be related to a place – which you are unlikely to encounter at work – or they may be related to specific people or behaviors. It’s important for you to recognize your triggers so you can learn how to avoid them at work.
If you find that you cannot avoid your triggers at work – for example, if your trigger is stress and your job is high stress – you may need to think about starting a new career.

Stay Connected to Your Program and Support

You need to keep attending your addiction counseling sessions and group meetings so that you can stay in touch with your sober network and get the support you need. You can continue working your program, and you can get support for specific issues that might arise through work. You can get feedback from people who have been through the same situation, as well as learn new strategies for attaining the balance that is so important to your sobriety.

Work can be stressful for everyone. But living with that stress and trying to endure the toxic dynamics that can take place at work can be triggering and threaten your sobriety. Make sure you continue to show up for meetings and addiction counseling sessions so that you can better manage these pressures and stay focused on your sobriety. Follow these tips for creating a healthy balance in your life. Consider adding other healthy practices into your routine, as well, such as yoga or meditation. You’ll be better able to deal with the stress that work can create, which will make the problems you encounter seem more manageable.

Visit Corebella Health and Wellness if you need to find a meeting or you need to start addiction counseling. We’re a full-service addiction clinic, and we offer services for addicts in all stages of their recovery. We can help you with your initial detox treatment, and we have a suboxone doctor on staff for medication therapy. We can also help you in your ongoing journey, through our group and individual addiction counseling and support meetings. We also have a wellness clinic offering services to promote your overall health and well-being. We offer services throughout Tempe, Glendale, and Scottsdale. Call us today to tour our addiction clinic or to learn more about our services.

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