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With over 80 5 star reviews across the web, you can guarantee that the Corebella drug treatment facility in Glendale will be able to develop a program targeted for your specific needs. Consult with our medical staff to determine a course of treatment and get professional assistance recovering from drug dependence and addiction.

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    Suboxone & Other Medications Prescribed By Phone
    Peoria Addiction Treatment Clinic

    Corebella Health & Wellness has top rated Suboxone doctors who can help you overcome your addiction with a pleasant, successful recovery.

    Suboxone & Other Medications Prescribed By Phone
    Outpatient Rehabilitation

    Get your life on track and go from addiction to wellness with help from the top rated health care providers at Corebella Health & Wellness.

    Suboxone & Other Medications Prescribed By Phone
    Peoria Drug Counseling

    Our staff provides a variety of health quality treatments throughout Tempe and Glendale. From addiction to counseling, get the care you deserve.

    Client Success Stories

    I’ve been going here for two years and it is the best doctor’s office I have been to!


    Brandon P.

    I had very high expectations and needless to say, they were met.


    Patrick M.

    Its nice to know the people you depend on for your health care actually care about you.


    Corey S.

    Everyone’s journey is different but my 6 weeks here saved my life.


    Lina F.

    Their patience and thought fullness is helping a lot of minds fight their addiction.


    Lipsy S.

    I highly recommend sending loved ones here. Thanks Corebella Health & Wellness Suboxone Treatment center.


    Rick L.

    The only facility that helps people get off drugs naturally & has proven high success rate, worth the money if you want your life back.


    Scott V.

    This facility is one of the best I have seen, comfortable rooms and quality care.


    Sandy S.

    This is an awesome place to start your recovery and journey into sobriety.


    Deanna M.

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      Why Choose Corebella?

      • Top Rated Addiction Center In AZ
      • Outpatient Rehab
      • Same Day Service
      • High Success Rate
      • We Accept Most Insurances

      Inpatient Rehabilitation VS Outpatient Rehabs

      The word is out. Outpatient treatment centers have higher success rates, better pricing and a less disruptive influence on the positive parts of your life. Going into rehab should not mean losing your job or failing to care for loved ones. With a medically supervised drug treatment program like we deliver at Corebella, the patient is able to continue functioning in everyday life all while being medically treated to mitigate withdrawal effects. Drug treatment has evolved, and a good suboxone doctor can really help you achieve really remarkable success in overcoming addiction.

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      Hormone Replacement
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      Diet & Weight Loss
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      Rehab Near 85345, 85381, 85382, 85383

      Corebella is located on 59th Ave and Olive, in Glendale, just miles from the heart of Peoria. We serve patients throughout the valley, and have a clinic in Tempe as well as our drug addiction treatment facility in Glendale. Given our proximity to Peoria, we are a good choice for patients from that city, and we are proud to be on the front lines of recovery services. If you or a loved one is seeking help for addiction to any type of drug or medication, we can help. A medically supervised outpatient rehabilitation program is one of the best ways to conduct a full recovery. By allowing people to continue with their lives, hold jobs, be parents, all while in recovery, we are enabling our patients to not just kick addiction, but pursue a path to total wellness.