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4 Ways Suboxone Can Help You Beat Your Addiction
April 3, 2020
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The Benefits of Group Counseling during Addiction Treatment
April 16, 2020
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Successfully Maintaining Your Sobriety and Your Social Life

Successfully Maintaining Your Sobriety and Your Social Life

After you’ve gotten over the initial struggle of withdrawing from drugs or alcohol, you may find that you face many new challenges to your sobriety. In particular, many people find socializing to be one of their biggest challenges. Previously, they may have used drugs and alcohol when they were with friends, or their friends may have been addicted to drugs or alcohol themselves. Now they don’t know how to be around people in ways that don’t involve drugs or alcohol.

During your addiction therapy in Phoenix, you will learn how to deal with these triggers and to create a more healthy lifestyle that is free of drugs and alcohol. Here are a few things you may learn to do to successfully maintain your sobriety and your social life:

Successfully Maintaining Your Sobriety and Your Social Life

Talk to People about Your Sobriety

Your old friends will undoubtedly call you up and ask you to go out for a drink or to be in another situation in which you are encouraged to use. Some of these people don’t mean any harm – they just don’t know that you have received addiction treatment and are trying to live a sober lifestyle now.

Make sure that you tell everyone that you have been through addiction treatment near Gilbert and that you are committed to your sobriety. Don’t assume that they heard about it from someone else. And don’t let them assume that you only went to treatment because you had to and that you are not committed to sobriety. Let everyone know your intentions, and they will be more likely to support you.

Identify Your Triggers

Being in a restaurant might seem like an innocuous activity, but if being around people smoking makes you want to drink, it may not be. You may need to avoid restaurants until you can better manage your triggers.

You must think through all your triggers for drinking or doing drugs and try to avoid those triggers as best you can. When you are further along in the discovery process, you can learn strategies for managing those triggers, but in the beginning, it’s best to avoid them.

Focus on Activities

A lot of people might just go out for a quick drink or for dinner and a drink. Those are pretty go-to activities for a lot of people. But that doesn’t mean that you have to drink to spend time with people. There are plenty of other things you can do.

The key is to focus on activities you can do, rather than siting and talking. So, you might suggest going for a hike, watching a movie together, taking a class together, heading to the beach for a few hours, or something similar. If you really need an activity where you just sit and talk, suggest going for coffee.

Practice Small Talk

Some people drink or use drugs at social gatherings because they feel awkward and are unsure how to interact with people otherwise, especially if there are strangers present. People jokingly call alcohol “liquid courage.” That anxiety can cause you to use drugs and alcohol when you are in social situations.
You can calm your anxiety and improve your confidence by practicing how to make small talk with others. You can do this in your addiction counseling, and you can continue to practice through individual therapy (which should still be getting to guide you in your recovery).

Learning how to socialize without using drugs and alcohol is just one of many steps you will take in creating a healthier lifestyle. With each step you take, it will be easier for you to stay sober and to continue on your healthy path. Get addiction counseling in Peoria from a qualified professional to support and guide you on your path, no matter where you are on the road to recovery.

Contact Corebella Health and Wellness if you are ready to begin your journey to sobriety or if you need help staying on your healthy path. We are a Mesa drug treatment center offering numerous therapies and treatment options to meet your needs. We have a suboxone doctor for medication treatment, or we have counselors for individual and group therapy. We also offer ongoing wellness services through our wellness clinic, including nutritional counseling and hormone therapy. We serve patients in Glendale and Tempe. Call us today to learn more.

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