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Top 5 Myths and Facts about Addiction Treatment Centers

Too often, misconceptions about addiction treatment can stop people from getting the treatment they need or from going to the right addiction clinic. And unfortunately, too many myths about treatment continue to circulate, either because of erroneous depictions in movies and television or because of the bad experiences that some have when they go to the wrong drug treatment center or they enter rehab before they are truly ready to do the work.

It’s important that you do the research to get the right information about your addiction therapy options. Then you can get the right treatment to start recovering from your addiction and building the healthy life you want and deserve.

Here are some of the top five myths you may have heard about addiction treatment centers, along with the truth about them:

Myth #1: I Just Need to Get through Detox

Many people believe that they can’t recover from their addiction because they can’t get through the overwhelming physical symptoms of detox on their own. They feel that if they were to get past that physical withdrawal phase, they wouldn’t have any problems saying no to drugs or alcohol. Therefore, they think that the only thing they need is a quick detox program, not addiction therapy or counseling.

However, the reality is that many emotional and mental issues drive addiction. Most people don’t stumble onto a heroin addiction, for example, because they decided to try it once and were then gripped by a physical addiction. There is a lot more fueling that need for drugs and alcohol, and you need a comprehensive addiction treatment plan to deal with all the reasons for your addiction.

Myth #2: Rehab is Just a Spa

Perhaps it’s because of celebrity rehab centers that focus on luxury wellness treatments that this myth exists, but many people erroneously believe that a rehab facility is like a spa, offering people the chance to relax and relieve stress rather than doing the hard work of dealing with their addiction. Meanwhile, many people mistakenly believe that a true addiction clinic is more like a jail, where people are ordered to attend and cannot leave.

While a wellness clinic may have treatments like massage and acupuncture that can help relieve the symptoms of withdrawal, ease your emotional responses, and more, the focus of such a facility is not just to make you feel good. You are also there to do the hard work of recovery, and that includes addiction counseling and more. Wellness therapies only complement your addiction work to help you create a greater sense of health. You should enter into any treatment facility willingly and with the intention to do the work, but even if you are ordered to be there by the court, you should recognize the value of a variety of complementary therapies to help you through your recovery.

Myth #3: All Treatment is Based on the 12 Steps

Some people don’t like 12-step programs because they feel that they are focused on a belief in God. However, the truth is that these programs allow you to identify a higher power in any way that you like, whether that is God or it is the order of the universe and our connection to it.

Some people also believe that all drug treatment centers are based on the 12 steps since these programs are so popular. Though many addiction clinics like to use the 12 steps because they have been proven to be so effective, these are not the only options. Many treatment centers are available to offer a variety of therapies. Compare your options to find a center that offers therapies you feel will be most effective for you.

Myth #4: Treatment isn’t Affordable

A big reason that a lot of people don’t get addiction treatment is because they think entering a program will cost too much. Most people don’t even call the facility to find out the costs or the payment options – they just decide it costs too much and resign themselves to not getting treatment.

The truth is that, just like other medical treatments, there is wide fluctuation in the cost of drug addiction treatment. Some are more expensive than others. Some only take direct payments, but many more take insurance. Many also offer financial assistance or some sort of sliding scale to make it easier for you to pay. Always call and ask about the financial options to determine what you can make possible before you make any decisions. Chances are also good that your friends and family will be so happy that you are seeking treatment that they will pitch in if you need the financial help.

Myth #5: Treatment Doesn’t Work

Perhaps the biggest myth about addiction treatment is that it just doesn’t work. Some people feel that once an addict, always an addict. Some people may not even try to get help because they feel like they are doomed to continue using, no matter what they do.

The reality is that everyone is on a different journey to recovery, and that finding the right time and the right program is essential to your success with treatment. Take the time to learn about your addiction treatment options so that you can choose the one that might have the most impact on you.

In Glendale and Tempe, Corebella Health and Wellness offers a variety of addiction treatment options for people in all stages of recovery, including those who are seeking treatment for the first time. We are an addiction clinic and wellness clinic combined, and we offer therapies that help you overcome addiction, as well as to build a healthier and happier life. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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