Type of Addiction Treatment and How They Can Help You

Addiction can destroy your life and the lives of the people you love. It’s important that you find the right treatment so you can start to heal and rebuild your life. Yet when you are ready to get the help you need, you might become overwhelmed by the options available. You might not be in the right space to evaluate the options.

It’s important that you read about your treatment options when you are in a good place to evaluate the information, or that you ask a loved one to evaluate the options for you. Here are some of the addiction treatment programs available and how they might help you:


Whether you drink a lot or you use hard drugs, you are putting harmful substances into your body. Over time, toxic substances build up in your body, which is what contributes to your dependency. Detox is a process whereby those substances are removed from your body.

Sometimes, detox is a natural process that occurs when you stop taking drugs or drinking alcohol. This is the withdrawal phase that so many people know about. But some programs provide supervised detox treatment that includes giving you supplements or other therapies that can speed the rate of detox or that can make the withdrawal symptoms easier to bear. Other detox programs simply provide support and structure so that you are better able to get through this process without abandoning your goal to get treatment.

Outpatient Treatment

Many people want to attempt recovery on their own, surrounded by their friends and family while still living at home. Outpatient treatment allows them to do that while also providing therapy, education, and support. With this treatment, you would go to counseling services, classes, and more. You can get individual or group counseling or both.

Outpatient treatment is recommended only under very specific circumstances. The patient must be committed to recovery since there are no restrictions in place to ensure that the patient attends therapy or sticks to the program. Chance of relapse or continued substance abuse can be high.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment is usually recommended for those attempting to recover from an alcohol or drug addiction. With this treatment, you would live in a facility during your treatment and part of your recovery. You would receive intensive counseling, both individual and group therapy, abuse education, family counseling, and wellness services. The goal is to identify the triggers for your addiction and to teach you coping strategies to deal with those issues, as well as to avoid your substance abuse.

The length of inpatient treatment programs varies widely. However, a standard program length is about 30 days. Inpatient treatment is intended to be followed up with ongoing outpatient and recovery services.

Transitional Housing

Transitional housing, which is also known as “sober living,” is a program that gives addicts support and housing after they have completed an inpatient treatment program but before they are ready to return to independent living. Transitional housing gives people a chance to try out the skills they have learned in therapy before they are faced with the pressures and temptations of independent living.

The length of traditional housing also varies based on the program and your needs. Usually, these programs last for a minimum of 90 days.


You will very likely find that you are not ready to go it alone after completing a treatment program and you still need support. In addition to helpful family and friends, you can get support from a recovery coach. Your coach would be a sounding board, someone to offer advice, and some to encourage you and remind you of the principles for your recovery. Your coach is a mentor, friend, and counselor.

Overcoming addiction can be one of the hardest yet most rewarding things you ever do. Finding the right treatment program can improve your chances of success, ensuring that you not only get through the initial recovery but also that you stay on the path of sobriety.
Your treatment program might include several of these options to get a successful outcome.

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