Understanding The Advantages Of Suboxone Over Other Addiction Treatments

How Does Suboxone Works As An Effective Substance Abuse Treatment

Most people are familiar with medically supervised detox treatment, where a person quits and detoxes from an addictive substance while receiving inpatient care at an Avondale drug treatment center under a doctor’s supervision. Since the side effects of a detox can range from unpleasant to severe, and can potentially cause medical complications if not supervised by a physician, many people opt for medication assisted treatment with a medication called Suboxone. While there are many different medications that can be used for a detox, Suboxone is the most popular and widely recognized. 

Suboxone is actually a brand name for a medication made out of two different drugs, buprenorphine and naloxone. These two drugs work together on a chemical level to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms and encourage decreased dependence on opioids in the long run.

How does one medication accomplish this impressive task and what is it like to take Suboxone? Patients wonder if Suboxone is the best way to detox from addictive substances or whether it is necessary for every patient. A Chandler Suboxone doctor answers these questions and explains the advantages of Suboxone over other types of addiction treatments:

Reasons To Choose Suboxone As Your Addiction Treatment In Tempe, AZ.

Suboxone Is Beneficial Because It Blocks The “Opioid Effect”

Suboxone is one member in a family of medications that can be used to help with medically assisted detox. It is called an opioid antagonist, in contrast to drugs such as heroin, morphine, and oxycodone, which are opioid agonists. When you use an opioid agonist, pain-blocking receptors in your brain are activated, changing your perception of pain and releasing endorphins so you perceive a feeling of pleasure. This is called the “opioid effect.” When you take an opioid antagonist such as Suboxone as part of your recovery, the medication acts by helping to negate the activation of pain receptors. This means your cravings and withdrawal symptoms will be reduced.

Suboxone Is Superior To Other Medication Options

Until the early 2000s, addiction treatment specialists prescribed Methadone for patients undergoing detox. But Tempe addiction treatment now prefers to use Suboxone for most patients because it was intentionally developed for the purpose of fighting opioid addiction. The side effects are less severe and tend to be physical rather than mental, making Suboxone a better choice than Methadone in most cases.

Suboxone Is Easier To Administer Than Other Addiction Treatments

Since Suboxone was designed specifically for patients in supervised medical detox, it is available in two forms that are both easy for patients to take. Patients can choose between a tablet or a film, both of which dissolve quickly in your mouth. There’s no need for an IV or to swallow a tablet. Both of these methods of administration, sublingual film and tablet, offer similar results. Some patients prefer the tablets because they are more discreet and less expensive than the film. However, the film offers the advantage of easily tapering the dose into smaller increments as patients recover. Your Anthem drug treatment center can help you determine the best form and dosage of Suboxone if it is needed.

Suboxone Is Just One Part Of Your Substance Abuse Recovery

While supervised medical detox with a Chandler suboxone doctor is an excellent option for helping patients recover from their addiction, it’s important to remember that Suboxone is just one part of a recovery plan. You’ll want to work with your addiction clinic, doctor, and counselor to create a comprehensive and carefully monitored plan for your detox. Your ongoing recovery will be most successful with the integrated care of your primary care physician, a qualified therapist, supportive friends and family members, and your own dedication. A complete plan will keep your mind and body in good health and free of substance abuse.

Bear in mind that Suboxone is not the best medication for everyone in recovery, and many patients do better without the assistance of medication. Consult with your Phoenix addiction clinic to determine what course of treatment may be best for you. Each person is on their own unique journey and has individualized needs. Your local addiction specialists are here to help you make educated decisions and support you every step of the way.

Contact Suboxone Doctor & Medically Supervised Detox In Tempe

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