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Using Fitness as a Tool For Mental Wellness

Using Fitness as a Tool For Mental Wellness

The Benefits of Exercise in Addiction Recovery

When most people think about health and fitness, they think about the physical benefits, such as losing weight or having energy. However, health is not just feeling good physically; it is also feeling good mentally. The mind and body are interconnected and both are critical to well being. When a person in addiction treatment implements physical and mental self-care into their daily routine, both body and brain benefit.

Man using fitness as a tool for mental wellness

Fitness for Mental Wellness

Western medicine tends to focus heavily on separating “mind” and “body” as though they are two unrelated areas of health. But there is plenty of scientific evidence that regular exercise is critical for the maintenance of good mental health, especially for people in addiction treatment, and may even be helpful in the treatment of chronic mental illness such as anxiety and depression. Experts know that in many cases, exercise may be equally beneficial to medication for a wide variety of mental health conditions, including dementia and schizophrenia, and has the added benefit of improving mental fitness as we age.

Sarah Gingell, PhD, writes, “Put simply: Exercise directly affects the brain. Regular exercise increases the volume of certain brain regions—in part through better blood supply that improves neuronal health by improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients; and through an increase in neurotrophic factors and neurohormones that support neuron signaling, growth, and connections.” Fitness offers mental wellness benefits to everyone and may be especially beneficial for those in addiction counseling.

Individuals who exercise regularly find that making fitness part of their lives gives them a strong sense of well being. They tend to have higher energy levels, sleep well at night, and feel more positive about themselves. These are all beneficial to addiction counseling and increasing your self-esteem. By implementing the simple habit of fitness into your daily routine, you can improve your mental wellness and find yourself more prepared to handle the inevitable stress and uncertainty that life throws your way.

Taking Care of Your Body While Improving Your Fitness

So you want to take great care of your body during Chandler addiction treatment by starting a fitness program. Both your mind and body will repeat the rewards! Follow these simple pointers to improve your overall fitness and make your exercise plan even more successful.

Follow a Nutritious Diet

Most people know that eating a healthy diet is important. For mental wellness, it’s especially important to eat a nutrient-rich diet that includes vitamin B-12, omega-3 fatty acids, and amino acids. Each of these nutrients is vital for brain and mental health. Vitamin B-12 is crucial for the development of red blood cells, DNA, and RNA. Amino acids such as tryptophan and tyrosine are responsible for the aiding in the production of hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. A deficiency in these hormones can be a cause of depression and other mental health issues. Working with a Chandler wellness clinic to design the best diet for you is a great way to improve both your fitness and your mental well being.

Get Plenty of Rest

A lack of sleep leads to irritability, anxiety, and physical problems such as high blood pressure. All of these affect stress hormones and your brain’s ability to manage your emotions and mental wellness, which can make your addiction treatment more difficult. A great way to combat this is to make quality sleep a priority in your life. A regular schedule and evening routine will help you get the seven to nine hours of sleep you need each day. Avoid excessive use of your phone, TV, or other screens in the evening to help yourself wind down and prepare your mind for the rest you need to function optimally.

Self Care as a Tool for Mental Wellness

There are other elements of self care that work with fitness to promote your mental wellness. Improve your self esteem and increase your positivity by journaling. A strong support network is also a helpful tool in addiction therapy to promote your self image. Friends help you remember your strengths and keep you from being too hard on yourself.

The practice of gratitude is another way to improve your overall well being. Focus on what you can control and let go of excessive worrying. Instead of replaying the worst case scenario in your mind, which leads to headaches and panic, remind yourself of solutions and take deep, calming breaths. In addiction counseling you may work through the reminder that you cannot control everything that life throws at you, but you will find a happier and more fulfilling life by focusing on your responses and what you can control.

Lastly, increasing your emotional IQ is an important piece of your mental wellness. Mindful meditation can be a wonderful tool for this. During meditation, you do your best to avoid analyzing and just take in all the details of what is going on around you so you can respond positively and calmly. While your life takes ups and downs, prioritize your mental well being in addiction therapy and the practice of responding positively. Seeing yourself and your life situations in a positive light can help you feel more motivated to make healthier lifestyle choices such as fitness, eating well, and prioritizing good sleep. Mental well being helps you become more resilient and better able to handle life’s curveballs.

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