Using Online Learning As a Practical Mental Wellness Tool

Qualified Arizona Addiction Center Shares Online Platforms For a Successful Addiction Treatment

One important piece of the addiction treatment and recovery journey is discovering new activities, hobbies, and interests. In fact, while you are in recovery, trying something new and exciting that you enjoy can significantly improve your self esteem and help you create a positive image of yourself, both of which will help you tremendously in sobriety. While some parts of 2020, such as quarantining, tend to complicate getting involved in a new hobby, there are still many other options available for someone who wants to expand their knowledge and try something new. Do you want to study a new language, learn to cook like a chef, or take technical courses from accredited universities across the globe? Here are a number of internet platforms to explore!

Qualified Arizona Addiction Center Shares Online Platforms For a Successful Addiction Treatment

Coursera Courses

Partnering with universities and businesses around the world, Coursera offers hundreds of courses available for free to anyone, plus thousands more at a nominal cost for personal interest, certificates, and even accredited college degrees. Do you love your fur babies? Enroll in “Animal Behavior and Welfare” from the University of Edinburgh or “Dog Emotion and Cognition” from Duke University. Try integrative health courses from the University of Minnesota, or improve your emotional IQ with “Resilience Skills in Times of Uncertainty” from the University of Pennsylvania. From becoming more technologically in tune to studying interpersonal skills, Coursera has a ton of engaging classes for you to try while you are in addiction counseling.

The Phoenix Fitness Group

Each January, people are inspired to make resolutions. A common but challenging resolution is to be healthier, lose weight, or become more fit. Fitness without going to a gym may seem like a challenge, but The Phoenix is here to help! The Phoenix is a fitness group whose only membership fee is 48 hours of sobriety. For those in addiction therapy, this group offers a wide variety of classes and events ranging from strength training to yoga to biking, plus winter sports such as skiing and water sports such as surfing – and more! If you can’t find a group near your area, online and virtual classes are also available to build community and help you meet your fitness goals. Whether you’re interested in mindfulness, getting stronger, or becoming faster, The Phoenix can help you meet your goals in a safe and supportive sober environment.

Skillshare Online Classes

Even if you feel cooped up or overwhelmed with addiction therapy, there are so many other opportunities available for you to learn new skills or improve old ones. Skillshare is an American based interactive program perfect for improving skills in the creative arts. While other platforms offer accredited education, Skillshare focuses on interaction rather than lectures, and fosters learning through completion of projects. Are you interested in photography, film, graphic design, music, or web design? Skillshare is the place for you! A free subscription opens the doors to taking thousands of creative arts classes. Explore their course listings to see how you can make your dreams come true!

MasterClass Platform

Do you want to study science with Neil de Grasse Tyson or cook Italian cuisine with Massimo Bottura? Check out MasterClass! On this platform, you can discover pre-recorded lectures and classes from people who are experts in their field. Only the best chefs, star athletes, and top writers are available on MasterClass to teach you the new skills you want to learn! Become the best version of yourself and impress your friends with your newly found skills. While you work through addiction treatment in Avondale, dig into interior design, creative writing, voice acting, or filmmaking for something new! MasterClass adds new videos for you to enjoy each month.

Duolingo: Learn a New Language!

Investing in yourself and your mental wellness while in addiction group counseling can be fun and practical when you learn a new language. Plus, speaking a second (or third!) language helps strengthen your brain and improves your communication skills. Give Duolingo a try! Duolingo is a free application that uses a variety of methods to help you learn. Choose from a variety of European, African, and Asian language, or impress your friends with your fluency in High Valyrian from the popular book and TV series Game of Thrones.

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