Utilizing Music Therapy As a Useful Addiction Recovery Tool

The Benefits Of Music Therapy In Substance Abuse Treatment

Music of all kinds, from country to classical to rap to rock, has a powerful impact on our lives and emotions. We all know how it feels to be brought to tears by a movie soundtrack or have a flood of special memories when a song comes up on the radio. And almost nothing can top the exhilaration of singing along with thousands of strangers at a concert. Music gives us a rush of powerful pleasure. When music therapy is incorporated at Glendale addiction counseling, this power is harnessed in an intentional and beneficial way.

Music Therapy Session For Addiction Recovery in Glendale, AZ

What Is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is an alternative treatment method that uses music to help a client work through problems, which may be physical, emotional, or cognitive. A trained music therapist will design treatments according to the needs of an individual or group. When someone attends music therapy, their involvement may include creating music or playing instruments, as well as singing or moving with music, and even just listening to music. Since it provides an outlet for emotional support and expressing feelings, music therapy can increase the effectiveness of addiction therapy. It may be especially beneficial for increasing a patient’s motivation or engagement in their Phoenix addiction treatment.

Most people rely on music in some way for relaxation, inspiration, and vitality. So it is not surprising that music therapy is becoming a very popular facet of addiction treatment across the nation. As a dynamic medium, music provides many benefits and a sense of well-being that is experienced physically, mentally, and emotionally. Using music as part of therapy makes it a useful tool in Scottsdale addiction counseling.

Music & Dopamine: How Does Music Therapy Help Addiction Treatment?

Creating and sharing music brings a special joy to our lives, and Glendale addiction counseling is no exception. Maybe most importantly, music therapy brings a sense of connection between those in recovery. When we work together to play music or sing, the power of music brings people together in a special way.

The rush of pleasure that people get when they listen to music, sing, or play an instrument is due to neurotransmitters in the brain. The rush of dopamine into the brain, which is artificially stimulated by drugs and alcohol use, is awakened naturally through music. Music has been used for centuries as a method of healing. It may even have some pain-relieving properties. A study published in The Lancet indicated that patients who were exposed to pleasant music during and after medical procedures perceived less pain and anxiety.

One form of music therapy that is popular in some treatment programs is a type of communal music from India called kirtan. Simply described, kirtan is like a form of meditation in which a phrase or mantra is sung repetitively,but in a call and response format so there is participation from both a leader and a group. While some may find the idea of singing to be overwhelming, no music experience is needed for kirtan. Patients may be relieved to learn that no previous musical study or experience is needed for any forms of music therapy in Tempe addiction treatment.

Singing together in a group, or making music together as a group, promotes social bonding and connection. There’s probably a reason why all spiritual practices include some form of singing. Singers share breath and voice, which are deeply connected. In Hebrew, the words “breath” and “spirit” come from the same root word. Music therapy, especially group singing, is also beneficial in addiction counseling because it is a practice in vulnerability. Singing allows us to stop judging ourselves and fearing what we think others think of us, and simply participate in a group as an important part of a larger whole.

While music therapy by itself is not sufficient to treat addiction, it can be a very effective supplement to Glendale addiction therapy. Some other benefits of using music therapy include:

  • Helps reduce stress and promote relaxation
  • Can help reduce depression and anxiety
  • Reduces pain, including muscle tension and headaches
  • Promotes optimism, a feeling that can continue beyond a therapy session into daily life
  • Fosters social connection and bonding within a group
  • Reduces loneliness as it brings people together
  • Provides an outlet for boredom, restlessness, and low self esteem
  • Encourages openness and communication in counseling trauma situations
  • Boosts the immune system and overall healing

Music therapy included in Tucson addiction counseling promotes feelings of freedom, connection, and accessible joy that we all deserve to experience!

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