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5 Indications that You’re Ready for Rehab
September 25, 2020
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October 9, 2020
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Utilizing Telehealth Therapy Sessions through Your Recovery

Utilizing Telehealth Therapy Sessions through Your Recovery

Most of the country is in quarantine because of the coronavirus pandemic. Even those that are not on full lockdown are facing restrictive measures, such as having to wear a mas when in public or not being able to bring guests or visitors when you go in for an appointment. 

If you are getting addiction counseling in Arizona, or are considering doing so, you are likely going to have get telehealth, in which you talk to your counselor through a video chat, rather than in person. Here’s what you need to know about utilizing telehealth therapy sessions through your recovery: 

Man participating in a addiction telehealth therapy

Preparing for Your Session

Knowing what to expect before you begin your session can help you feel more relaxed and to get more out of your session. Prepare for your session by making sure that your device is fully charged. Then make sure that your system is set up to support whatever software you are using for the session, including having a working camera and microphone. If you aren’t sure about the technical specs, talk to your therapist about what’s needed ahead of the session.

Next, make sure you have a comfortable and private area to have the session. If you live alone, this should be fairly easy. If you live with someone else, just let them know that you will be needing some quiet time and should not be disturbed. You may also consider keeping a pad of paper next to you in case you want to make any notes during the session.

Finally, think through what you hope to get out of your therapy session before it begins. Setting your intentions for yourself can help you guide the conversation in a more productive direction. 

Getting the Most Out of the Session

The best thing you can do during your sessions is to be honest. Share how you are feeling openly – even if that means you are feeling nervous or uncomfortable about telehealth sessions. Your therapist can only help you if you are honest. Your therapist isn’t a mind reader. However, your therapist is someone who can guide you through the things you are feeling and the problems you are facing to create a happier and healthier life. 

Be sure that you are speaking directly into the camera and microphone so you can communicate clearly. Minimize distractions, and deal with technical issues quickly. Don’t let anything else waste the time you have to deal with more substantive issues. 

What to Do after the Session

You may feel a lot of things after your session is over. These sessions can get really intense, as they look at things that led to your addiction, the guilt you feel over things you did under the influence of your addiction, and so on. Once the session is over, just breathe. Try to sit calm yourself as you transition back into your routine. Keep the things you discussed in mind for future work, but do not dwell on them now and let them bring down your day or week.

Think about how the session went for you and what you might want to focus on next time. Are there things you could change to get more out of your next sessions? Are there things you want to follow up on? Write notes for yourself to discuss with your therapist next time. 

Gilbert Addiction counseling can be intense since you are working through some big issues. Your addiction therapy in Gilbert  can be even more challenging if you are doing it virtually since you have to adjust to a new format and do not have that immediate, in-person connection. However, with the right preparation and setting of expectations, you can get the same great benefits out of virtual addiction treatment as you would in person. 

If you are not currently in addiction treatment but need to be, call Corebella Health and Wellness today. We offer services in Glendale and Tempe, and we are currently offering telehealth services during the pandemic. We have in-treatment options where appropriate, including a wellness clinic with service to promote overall health and wellness both during treatment and after. Contact us today to learn more about our addiction counseling or our other addiction treatment options to find out how we can support you.

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