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May 13, 2020
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Why Does the 12-Step Program Actually Work?

The 12-step program is one of the most popular programs for treating addiction – whether it to be to drugs, alcohol, food, sex, or some other substance or behavior. There’s a 12-step program for just about every addiction, and the steps are always the same. There’s a reason the 12-step program is so ubiquitous in the world of addiction treatment: It works.

There are many types of addiction treatment that get results, including cognitive behavioral therapy and medical treatment. Yet the 12-step program has always been highly recommended because it gets results. Here are just a few of the reasons why:


It Offers a Clear Road Map for Recovery

People who are struggling with addiction feel overwhelmed, confused, and hopeless. Many scoff at the notion of therapy because it involves hard work with no definitive outcome or timeline. Medication treatment may produce results for some addictions, such as opioid addiction, but it is not a comprehensive treatment.

The 12-step program provides a clear road map for recovery. It shows addicts exactly what they need to do and when – or at least in what order to do it. There is also flexibility in the system, allowing addicts to re-work steps as they need to do so.

It Provides a System of Support

Recovery can be difficult and lonely. Addicts who get individual therapy may feel that they can talk to their therapist, but they may not feel they can talk to anyone else. In a 12-step program, there is a built-in system of support with other addicts who are currently going through recovery, as well as those who have been on their journey for years.

When addicts attend 12-step meetings, they can hear from others who are going through exactly what they are going through now, or who have been through it in the past. They can feel validation throughout their journey, and they can get advice from those who have been where they are.

It Offers Widespread Access

No matter where an addict lives, there is likely a 12-step meeting – or several – available within a day or even a few hours of when the person needs support. The 12-step program is so widespread that numerous groups and businesses host meetings in just about every city or county in the country. The more populated the place, the more likely there will be multiple meetings a week or even a day.

Such widespread access ensures that those in recovery can get the support they need whenever they need it. If they are tempted to use, they can likely find a meeting to attend instead.

It Gives the Person a Higher Focus

The part of the 12-step program that usually proves controversial is that it asks people to look to a higher power for guidance. Many people interpret this higher power as god, but that’s not a requirement. People can consider the universe their higher power, or they can define their higher power however they want.

Providing this focus on a higher power helps addicts take the attention off themselves. It helps them to give their struggle – and their lives – more meaning, which can help them when they are feeling hopeless or weak.

The 12-step program is an effective addiction treatment plan. It can be used as addiction treatment on its own, or it can be used in conjunction with other treatments, such as medication treatment or individual therapy. Working the steps can help those struggling with any kind of addiction to end their addiction and to heal from the damage that caused the addiction or the damaged caused by the addiction.

If you are ready to break your addiction and start building a healthy life, contact Corebella Health and Wellness to learn about our treatment options. We offer 12-step meetings in addition to individual and group counseling, medication treatment, and more. We also offer intensive detox for those who need it. As a wellness clinic, we also offer services to help those recovering from addiction and others to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition counseling, hormone therapy, massage, and more. We have locations in Tempe, Glendale, and Scottsdale. Call us today to learn more about our treatment options or to schedule a tour.

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