Why Don’t All Addicts Seek Addiction Treatment?

Reasons Why People Avoid Drug Rehabilitation Or Substance Abuse Treatments In Arizona

When an individual struggling with addiction refuses to go to addiction treatment, most people make the assumption that the person is just lazy, unmotivated, or in denial about their problem. While denial about the reality of an addiction problem is sometimes a true reason why someone may choose not to seek Chandler addiction treatment, it is not the only reason. There can be many other reasons to avoid addiction therapy that feel very valid to an addicted person. Additionally, family, friends, and society as a whole can unintentionally contribute to a person’s apprehension about treatment, making it even harder for a person to get the help they desperately need. Here are some reasons, or excuses, that people use when choosing to avoid getting treatment for their addictive behaviors.

Professional Substance Abuse Treatment In Glendale, AZ

Fear Of Symptoms Of Withdrawal

Many individuals who are struggling with addiction, alcoholism, or drug abuse are simply afraid to seek treatment. In particular, there is an especially strong fear of the symptoms of withdrawal and imagining how painful or miserable that process may turn out to be. Working with an addiction clinic that has a suboxone doctor on staff can help ease that fear and provide options for working through the challenge of the initial detox phase of addiction treatment. Also, a person struggling with addiction may also be afraid of what treatment will entail and wonder if the difficulty will be worth the end result. Fear can cause an addicted person to avoid the healing process of addiction therapy altogether.

Lack Of Support From Loved Ones Can Leave An Addict Feeling Helpless

It’s a sad reality that many addicted people believe that nobody will care if they live or die. Often, these thoughts and feelings embed themselves deep inside an addicted person’s mind. It’s usually the result of long term damaged relationships with loved ones, especially their families. A lack of a support network or feelings of estrangement from friends and family can leave an addicted person unable to think clearly or see a larger picture. They may believe there is no reason to seek help or try to improve their lives. This hopelessness is a significant reason why a person struggling with addiction may choose to avoid Queen Creek addiction treatment.

Doubt That The Addiction Treatment Can Be Effective

Another reason that people avoid a Tucson drug treatment center is because they have been through multiple rounds of addiction treatment already, and have started to believe that professional addiction counseling doesn’t work. When someone has been through addiction treatment previously and later relapsed, they begin to believe that they can’t be “successful” in overcoming their addiction. Other addicted individuals have heard stories of other people who were “unsuccessful” in addiction treatment and believe that they, too, will fail any attempt to complete a program through an addiction clinic. The reality is that addiction treatment may sometimes have its ups and downs, but this not a reason an addicted person should altogether avoid trying to improve their condition.

Social Stigma That Surrounds Substance Abuse

Unfortunately, there is a social stigma surrounding addiction and the need for addiction treatment. Since many people consider addiction to be a moral failing, addicted people understandably do not want to admit that they have a substance abuse disorder. The fear of judgment, backlash, or of being cast out can cause a person to resist any form of Mesa addiction treatment. They may fear the stigma surrounding the process of making new friends, finding employment, or creating a different life after completing a drug treatment program.

How To Help a Loved One Dealing With Drug Problems

It’s important to remember that addiction is a very complex disease that profoundly affects a person psychologically, physically, and emotionally. As a loved one of an addicted person, the best way to help is to educate yourself on the disease of addiction, understand the thought processes and emotions that addicted people face, and develop an awareness of treatment options. This enables you to gently encourage your loved one to get help. Although seeking Scottsdale addiction treatment is ultimately up to the addicted person, family and friends play a critical support role in helping that person finally be ready to take the steps.

Get The Help You Need With a Professional Addiction Treatment Center In Glendale

Corebella Health & Wellness is ready to help answer your questions about Glendale addiction treatment. We offer complete addiction counseling, including medication therapy through our suboxone doctor, medically supervised detox, and a wellness clinic to help you create a long term healthy lifestyle. Our addiction counseling and support groups are available for individuals in treatment and their families. Call Corebella Health & Wellness today or contact us conveniently through our website to learn more about our Arizona drug treatment centers in Glendale and Tempe.


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